A pock­et­book for putting out your biggest project fires

By Rachel Gertz

Quick. Grab that pail of water: your project is on fire. 

Did you notice the tone of your team­mate when she agreed to your last request? Did you spot the mis­align­ment on the clien­t’s team when they respond­ed to your last email? Did you catch a hid­den lay­er of func­tion­al­i­ty and alert your prod­uct team before it inflat­ed the scope? No? Then this book’s ded­i­cat­ed to you.

  • 150 pages of prac­ti­cal tips for rec­og­niz­ing and mit­i­gat­ing red flags
  • Blank work pages for adding notes and a list of your own red flags 
  • The sub­tle and obvi­ous pit­falls of red flags that pop up in projects, peo­ple, and the inter­ac­tions you have
  • Learn the ins and out of com­mu­ni­ca­tion, mon­ey, scope, time, and trust
  • Keep as a desk ref­er­ence for when those client car­bun­cles pop up


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If prob­lems are pop­ping up unex­pect­ed­ly around your com­pa­ny’s projects, prod­ucts, and peo­ple, those, my friends, are red flags. Miss­ing them is tan­ta­mount to an acid bath for your orga­ni­za­tion. The thing is, if you don’t know what you’re look­ing for, they’re kin­da tough to spot. 

So how do you spot a red flag before it bites you on the ass? And once you see it, how do you get out of the heat? 

Dig­i­tal Project Man­age­ment Train­er, Rachel Gertz, shares dozens of sub­tle and more obvi­ous clues red flags leave as they stomp through your process, projects, teams, and clients. Then she gives you a help­ful plan to min­i­mize each flag’s throb­bing pain so you can regain your dig­ni­ty. As you learn to read the tracks, you become a skilled red flag hunter. You’ll start spot­ting them in the wild before they attack. 

This lit­tle pock­et­book is great for doc­u­ment­ing your own red flags, too. Make notes and add your own treat­ment plan to keep you and your teams sharp and ready for the most can­tan­ker­ous red flags this side of the Milky Way. 

We’ve got you covered.