Pour your heart out, project peo­ple. This is your magazine.

What we’re look­ing for

  • Short and long-form arti­cles (7503000 words) about the highs and lows of life and projects
  • A fea­ture inter­view or cre­ative writ­ing piece

Send your ideas to submissions@​louderthanten.​com.

Tell us these tales…

  • What makes you tick as a human?
  • What land­ed you in hot water? Was it worth it?
  • What’s wrong with the indus­try and how do we fix it?
  • Who or what in your life sets you straight? Who or what keeps you crooked?
  • How did you end up here? Why does it matter?
  • What are you spit­ting out of your sys­tem? Lit­er­al­ly or figuratively.
  • What do we need to talk about? What should we stop run­ning our mouths off about?
  • What gets you gid­dy about this year? What makes your gut drop?
  • What have you learned about your­self — what are our lim­it­ing beliefs?
  • Your woes or inter­nal monologues

Be more specific…

  • How is work evolv­ing? What will it look like in five years?
  • What do you think your real job is at work? Why won’t peo­ple let you do it?
  • How do we fix the sales process in our agencies?
  • How do we stop bro­ken agen­cies from rein­forc­ing ter­ri­ble practices?
  • How do we start think­ing about con­tent and design differently?
  • What can we learn from our team­mates? What can we teach them?
  • How do we equal­ize the web indus­try’s play­ing field and make more inclu­sive teams and companies?
  • What do we need to be bet­ter at? What are we ter­ri­ble at?

We need more crunch

Know what you don’t get to read much about on the inter­net? Crunchy con­tent that wraps itself around the core of cre­at­ing: the peo­ple who hold cre­ative projects togeth­er. The psy­chol­o­gy, the phi­los­o­phy, the cul­ture, the his­to­ry of peo­ple work­ing with oth­er peo­ple to build cool things. What’s this, you say? Project man­age­ment? Well, actu­al­ly, we’re all project man­agers at heart. We com­plete tasks and do work every day, but more than that, we do it because we need to live and we only live because we mat­ter (or maybe we don’t, but we’re here all the same). But then, that’s an even more inter­est­ing idea, isn’t it? These con­cepts we want to tease out of you are love­able and need a voice — the one nes­tled between your vocal cords.


Google project man­age­ment and your eyes will fall right out of your skull. Images of young pro­fes­sion­als in suits draw­ing black cir­cles with lines stare pen­sive­ly back at you. Arti­cles about using the right Gantt chart or thou­sands of Venn dia­grams lit­ter your page. This is NOT project man­age­ment. It’s got no heart.

Let’s talk about the abil­i­ty to com­bine the sci­ence of process with the art of peo­ple & things at the same time. Mixed togeth­er, they’re a wild­ly spicy cock­tail that allows us to get things done and get our teams and clients excit­ed. We need to rewrite the sto­ry of work.

We need less schtick

Know what we read enough about? Arti­cles aimed at design­ers, devel­op­ers, and writ­ers that are sat­u­rat­ing our indus­try with tech­ni­cal advice, SEO con­tent mar­ket­ing, design best prac­tices and think­ing, and self-pro­mo­tion­al douchebag­gery. We need less project man­age­ment arti­cles over­sim­pli­fy­ing the process­es involved in process and method­ol­o­gy, and more about the human hands imple­ment­ing them. What do we care about process­es if we don’t talk about the peo­ple hold­ing our projects together?

It’s time to loop in the orga­niz­ers, the plan­ners, and the execu­tors, dammit. There is a gap­ing deficit in qual­i­ty con­tent that project lovers can relate to, and Loud­er Than Ten is chang­ing that. 

But we need your help.

Let’s talk about the peo­ple that hold our world together.

Speak up. Every­thing is a project

We are not mak­ing a mag­a­zine for project man­age­ment. These are not card­board arti­cles for a cook­ie cut­ter project man­age­ment role. 

We want to share new ways of look­ing through the lens of dig­i­tal method­ol­o­gy and process. We want to tease out the curios­i­ty of being human while get­ting work done. We want to exam­ine all the pieces of the world that fit togeth­er around man­ag­ing projects and curate them together. 

  • The moment you took on your first respon­si­bil­i­ties (a new job, a pup­py, tak­ing care of your mom)
  • What’s miss­ing in the PM role or skill set
  • How to be vulnerable
  • How to be strong 
  • Keep­ing your team happy
  • Keep­ing your­self hap­py and your stress in check
  • How expo­nen­tial tech­no­log­i­cal growth is affect­ing our process­es and standards
  • Wad­ing through the bull­shit of what our indus­try keeps telling us is important
  • The big con­ver­sa­tions about trust and fear that we’re sim­ply not having 
  • What it means to do work that mat­ters and how most of us don’t
  • How the future is going to axe our assump­tions about work

We want you to write with your guts

This is what we need from your nim­ble fin­gers: the ener­gy to enter­tain, inform, hold your sto­ries under water till they wig­gle, hold them under hot lights till they squirm. Write with your heart. We’ve all had it up to our necks with dry-as-toast arti­cles. It’s time to eat a bar of soap and say some­thing new.

Nail­ing the style

To help you blend your style with ours, read through the Loud­er Than Ten writ­ing guide­lines con­tained in the Con­tent sec­tion of our site manual.

You’ll find:

  • style
  • gram­mar
  • voice & tone conventions

Save time edit­ing and stick with the guide­lines. They’re there to help you, and we’ll need you to edit and resub­mit your arti­cle if you don’t fol­low them.


We can work with these:

  • Orig­i­nal, real-life events
  • Inter­views with fas­ci­nat­ing peo­ple (if your grand­pa was a fight­er pilot or your neigh­bour a creep, we want to hear about it)
  • Thought­ful or crit­i­cal com­men­tary on human nature, our habits, our weak­ness­es, our love of the absurd
  • Sub­ject mat­ter out­side the web indus­try bub­ble (let’s exam­ine the world and the peo­ple around us)
  • Hon­est reviews of tools and ser­vices our audi­ence cares about


Don’t waste your time:

  • Ghost writ­ten arti­cles (you must be the author)
  • Top what­ev­er lists
  • Dry as toast, or cor­po­rate sound­ing mar­ket­ing pieces
  • Fluffy click­bait: you won’t believe what hap­pens next…”
  • Regur­gi­tat­ed content
  • Reviews about prod­ucts or ser­vices you are affil­i­at­ed with
  • Self-pro­mo­tion­al arti­cles or prod­uct plugs
  • Defam­a­to­ry articles 
  • Poor­ly researched or writ­ten content
  • Mis­take-rid­den prose

The sub­mis­sion process

Step one

Let us know what you’d like to write about. Email it to submissions@​louderthanten.​com. If your idea is sol­id, we ask for a draft.

Step two

We take your draft con­tent and run it through the edit­ing ringer. We’ll send edits to strength­en your piece and ask you to clean up any untidy parts. You resub­mit and we apply the polish.

Step three

You pre­view the final draft.

Step four

We design and style your arti­cle, make any con­tent edit­ing tweaks, and sched­ule your launch. 

Step five

We pay you for your sub­mis­sion. Get em tiger.

Want to keep writ­ing? Have at it. We’d love reg­u­lar contributors.

Can I repub­lish my work elsewhere?

Yes. But here are some guide­lines around that:

  • Please wait at least one month from your arti­cle’s ini­tial launch to repub­lish it on your own or any­one else’s plat­form (e.g. Medi­um, per­son­al blog).
  • We’d great­ly appre­ci­ate you includ­ing orig­i­nal­ly pub­lished in Coax’ and the direct link to your orig­i­nal arti­cle in the intro or end of your article.

If all that sounds cool to you, have at er, friend!

Write for the right audience

Peo­ple who run projects

Dig­i­tal PMs, account man­agers, coor­di­na­tors, prod­uct man­agers, team leads, and oth­er orga­nized folks are the glue in our cre­ative stu­dios. They keep the clients hap­py, the team togeth­er, the bills paid, and the week­ends clear. These are the unsung heroes that sup­port our orga­ni­za­tions, ask for no cred­it, and rarely get recog­ni­tion. We love our project run­ners and want to give them the voice, the sup­port, and the shared expe­ri­ences they’ve long deserved but didn’t know where to find.


If you run solo, you are your own project man­ag­er. Free­lancers know more than any­one that cre­ative work doesn’t pay the bills on its own. They know their craft too, but when it comes to the hard parts — run­ning a suc­cess­ful and prof­itable prac­tice — it’s dif­fi­cult to find the right resources. We want to hear from real peo­ple strug­gling and suc­ceed­ing in human ways that don’t claim to know all the answers. Wear­ing so many hats is tricky, but our job is to cre­ate a com­mu­ni­ty of sup­port to help each other.

Own­ers and leaders

Good cre­ative lead­ers are sick of cheesy busi­ness books writ­ten by self-appoint­ed, self-pro­mo­tion­al mar­ket­ing gurus telling them to Crush it’ or Lev­el up’ or Dom­i­nate’ their gold­en cir­cles. They sup­port sol­id, sus­tain­able work done well and with integri­ty. A stu­dio should be a cre­ative place that takes care of its employ­ees, cares about its clients, and pro­duces great work. Our team lead­ers are the key to help­ing our indus­try get bet­ter by run­ning respect­ful busi­ness­es on their own terms, not to win awards they had to pay for.

Do you get paid?

Short answer: yes.

We rec­og­nize that qual­i­ty doesn’t come cheap and we don’t expect you to work for free. That said, we are fac­ing the clas­sic post-print pub­li­ca­tion quandary regard­ing how to sus­tain and hon­our the writ­ing you sub­mit with­out los­ing our shirts. We don’t want a pay­wall and we don’t want the site to be lit­tered with irrel­e­vant adver­tis­ing in exchange for page views. These are our rates:

Long form articles

$100/​accepted submission

Oth­er content

$50/​accepted piece

If you have any ques­tions, please email us at submissions@​louderthanten.​com.

We won’t publish…

  • Paid/​advertorial content
  • Press releas­es
  • Sales pitch­es
  • Pre­vi­ous­ly pub­lished content
  • Bor­ing, snooze-induc­ing commentary
  • Stock pho­tos of peo­ple wear­ing suits draw­ing dia­grams on glass

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