An appren­tice­ship add-on or a pack­age all its own

Want to build bet­ter align­ment with­in your team dur­ing the appren­tice­ship, or get a taste of how we roll before you apply? 

Book some inter­ac­tive PM work­shops and let’s release those com­mon trig­ger points pinch­ing your organization’s project man­age­ment & oper­a­tional workflows.

How we roll

Pre­pare to unhook that brain for a quick minute and look at your process­es with fresh eyes. These inter­ac­tive, com­plete­ly remote work­shops are designed to chal­lenge your cog­ni­tive frame­works, test your assump­tions, and rewire habits that could be pre­vent­ing you from doing your best work with your team. Expect clear action­able steps you can keep refin­ing togeth­er long after the work­shop is over.

Remem­ber: it takes three to six months to start see­ing the changes you make today trans­late into hap­pi­er projects and teams and six to eight to impact your finan­cials. Imag­ine what you could do togeth­er if you start­ed now…

The time we spent work­ing and learn­ing with Loud­er Than Ten will con­tin­ue to guide us for the next few years. Rachel’s abil­i­ty to trans­late her PM knowl­edge into real teach­able moments gave us the oppor­tu­ni­ty to reflect on our own prac­tices, both the good and the bad, with­out ever feel­ing like she was judg­ing us. She remained sup­port­ive and pos­i­tive through­out the entire process, cre­at­ing a trust­ing and safe space for my lead­er­ship team to learn and grow togeth­er. If you’re look­ing to part­ner with some­one who will leave you feel­ing smarter and more empow­ered to man­age any project sit­u­a­tion that comes your way, Loud­er Than Ten is the answer.

Enjoy 3 hours of inter­ac­tive dis­cus­sion and exer­cis­es per workshop

Tack­le com­mon break­downs in project man­age­ment and oper­a­tional flows

Bring up to a total of 6 team­mates (sep­a­rate con­nec­tions recommended)

Deliv­ered remote­ly via video con­fer­ence; record­ing included*

Help­ful resources and guides provided

Open Q&A and real project discussion

* We are reduc­ing our car­bon foot­print by choos­ing air­waves over aeroplanes.

Step 1 Choose your workshops

Sales to PM in the pocket

Explore the secret of tighter sales to project man­age­ment hand­offs, build align­ment on incom­ing projects, and cre­ate a plan to close gaps and tight­en your project flows.

Team take­aways

Define and plot your client/​project align­ment matrix

Dis­cov­er com­mon break­downs dur­ing sales to project set­up; learn how to avoid the pitfalls

Devel­op an action plan: set­up your good fit cri­te­ria, tight­en your sales to PM workflow

Sound scopes & estimates

Inves­ti­gate the big and lit­tle and rebuild your sys­tems of scop­ing and esti­mat­ing to run more prof­itable projects.

Team take­aways

Build a scope spec­trum and take­out menu for bet­ter estimation

Esti­ma­tion prac­tice: Top-down and bot­tom-up methods

Learn how to build in healthy esti­mat­ing buffers and thresholds

Red flag & scope creep takedown

Find out how red flags and risks impact your projects and cre­ate a scope creep audit and con­trol plan to get your projects and peo­ple on track. 

Team take­aways

Define red flags and pos­i­tive & neg­a­tive risks

Devel­op and apply a team scope creep audit

Start flesh­ing out pos­i­tive risk & oppor­tu­ni­ty tiers

Turn­ing sta­t­ic to signal

Learn how to set up healthy com­mu­ni­ca­tion prac­tices that set expec­ta­tions, remove blame, pro­mote con­tin­u­ous improve­ment, and cre­ate strong allies.

Team take­aways

Inter­nal­ize scripts for tough conversations

Learn how to run fun, pro­duc­tive col­lab­o­ra­tion sessions

Build a frame­work for giv­ing and receiv­ing use­ful feedback

Big pic­ture pricing

Learn the foun­da­tions of sim­pler, more intu­itive pric­ing. Set your com­pa­ny rates based on your tar­get size and opti­mal cul­ture instead of pulling levers and mak­ing guess­es. Great for small client ser­vice orga­ni­za­tions focused on sus­tain­able, inten­tion­al growth or for sup­port­ing align­ment between project man­age­ment and healthy com­pa­ny revenue.

Warn­ing: we are decou­pling time and labour here to get your org ready for a rapid­ly chang­ing future. This ses­sion isn’t for every­one. If you’re mar­ried to your cur­rent meth­ods and rely heav­i­ly on high-capac­i­ty hourly billing, this one will chal­lenge your approach.

Team take­aways

Healthy high-lev­el allo­ca­tions for rev­enue and expenses

Set­ting opti­mal clients & projects per team for deep, pro­duc­tive focus

Plot­ting prices based on com­pa­ny size, tar­get salary, and desired profit

How to invoice more effec­tive­ly to smooth out cash flow

Rachel has always tak­en the time to under­stand the unique ways in which we work at Meta­L­ab while using her great under­stand­ing of project man­age­ment, strong facil­i­ta­tion skills, and abil­i­ty to con­nect with each indi­vid­ual to help us lev­el up as a team.

Step 2 Pick your package


The sin­gle

Sam­pling our wares? Try one of our half-day remote work­shops for you and your team.

One work­shop with your team


Get $500 off an appren­tice­ship if you enrol with­in a year.


The mix­tape

Four work­shops, four top­ics. Four thou­sand dol­lars. Fix those gnarly processes.

Four work­shops with your team


Get $1000 off an appren­tice­ship if you enrol with­in a year.

Step 3 Get in touch

Book a call so we can learn about your team, coor­di­nate the sched­ule and pay­ment options, and answer any wrig­gly ques­tions you still have.

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